BBalance experience

Get to know your health in our BBalance mobile app. It was created to provide easy access to your personal health information from one central, secure location.

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Track your health the way you like

BBalance offers two user modes to fit your preferences. View your health data however it suits you—as specific numbers or general trends.

Strengthen your core

Work on your flexibility and agility. Strengthen your muscles with 2 minute daily exercises.

Take a break

Stretch, breathe, relax. 

Start the day on the right foot,

and go to bed feeling calm and rejuvenated.

Improve your balance & posture

Measuring our balance means analysing how our body distributes the weight across our limbs.

Poor distribution can lead to musculoarticular pain. Working to correct your balance allows you to better support your body, experience less pain, and improve your posture.

The difficulty level of the exercices will be based on your scores.

Follow your progress

Take a look at your health data trends for the week or over several months in the History tab.

Are your results aligned with your goals?

Wherever you are, your health data are never far.

Opt-in to get your daily and weekly results notifications on-the-go.

Find your balance

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