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Order an additional mat for when the main one is in the machine or just try a different color!

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The extra mat is of no use if you don't own a BBalance device.


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  • With the type of precision previously only available from medical grade devices, BBalance brings three pro fitness tools into your home, packaged into a plush, luxurious, non-skid bath mat that will brighten up any bathroom, protect you from slipping, and keep your feet warm.

  • This means tracking more than just weight, and taking multiple conditions into account.

    This innovation, which currently only exists in hospitals, can now be used at home with BBalance.  Don't wait to measure your balance at the doctor's office - when it's too late - but monitor it continuously from home to prevent ailments that may arise.

BBalance Mat for Weight, Balance & Posture

Scan weight, body composition, balance & posture all in one step for a complete view of body health