Where will BBalance be shipped to?

BBalance is first available for shipment in the United States and in Canada.

What's the difference between shipping and delivery?

Shipping is the date the product will leave our factory while delivery is the date the package will make it to your doorstep; a few weeks may elapse between the two.

What is the weight capacity?

BBalance works for anyone weighing between 5 and 200 kg / 11 and 440 lbs.

What are the dimensions? And where should I place it?

BBalance is 31.9x22 in (810x560mm). The best place for your BBalance is in front of your sink and bathroom mirror or just outside your shower or bath — find your spot! 

Can I wash my BBalance mat?

Yes, of course. The BBalance mat can be machine-washed as a normal bath mat at 40°C but should not be machine-dried or bleached. The tech device is also water-resistant so you can clean it as well. 🧼

How long is the warranty period of BBalance?

Your BBalance will be covered by a 24-month warranty in the European Union and in the United States, both including coverage against defects as well as software assistance.

Can several people in the same household use BBalance?

Yes, one BBalance device can support 100+ users. Everyone in your house can have an account on the BBalance app and have their measurements automatically assigned to their app thanks to Footprint ID. 

Unlike other smart scales that recognize you via your weight, with BBalance even if you have the same weight as someone else, you won't be bothered by his/her data.

Can my kids use BBalance?

Yes, BBalance can be used by all children weighing 5kg/11 lb and above (about the weight of a 2-year-old), the threshold for which measurements become accurate.

Can I use BBalance to weigh my pets?

Yes, you can. Woof. Anything from 11 lb / 5 kg is the same as us, but you won't get their body composition analysis.

Can I use BBalance if I am pregnant?

Yes, you can use BBalance if you are pregnant. However, the bio-impedance analysis will be inaccurate. We recommend not to track the bio-impedance analysis during your pregnancy.

Can I use BBalance if I have a pacemaker?

Yes. However, if you have a cardiac pacemaker, ICDs, or any other implanted electronic devices, you must not enable the bio-impedance analysis to avoid any interference.

Does the app work with Android and iOS devices?

Yes, the BBalance app will be available in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store where the product is available for shipment.

What languages will be supported by the BBalance app?

The BBalance app will first be available in English.

What about my personal data?

BBalance prioritizes customer trust. We realize that customer privacy  is even more important when considering health data. For this reason, BBalance upholds strict industry standards, using the best practices (including GDPR and COPPA) to encrypt and anonymize all the data stored in your account.

If I still have a question, who do I contact?

Our team is available to answer any questions you may have at hello@bbalance.io.