Setting up your BBalance

1. Verify what's in your box


2. Place your Tech unit

on a flat, level floor, preferably in front of your bathroom sink.

We advise you to place your BBalance in front of your sink so that you can get the maximum number of seamless measurements. 


3. Lay down the rubber foam

around the Tech unit to protect the hardware and create the shape of your BBalance.


4. Lay the cotton mat

over the tech unit and attach the straps.

Here's the result! 



5. Pair your BBalance

Download your BBalance app on the Android or Apple Store and follow the instructions:

Apple Store



6. Fully charge your BBalance overnight

After setting up your BBalance and discovering the BBalance app, fully charge it overnight for the best experience.
If the green LED is blinking, your BBalance is correctly charging. When the LED stops blinking, the battery is full ! 

Let's find your balance! ✨


If you have any questions, don't hesitate to visit our Help Center