Weight Tracking & A Holistic Approach To Health | Beta Community Talks

Weight Tracking & A Holistic Approach To Health | Beta Community Talks

How can BBalance enhance your health routine?

This was the main question we wanted to uncover when interacting with our backer, Erica Swick, who is a yoga and holistic health practitioner. While she awaits the arrival of our product, we think she highlighted some important inferences on how BBalance could potentially elevate her day-to-day.

“I’d say I’m a geek and a nerd. I love gadgets and I love data—which means I love health metrics. 

As far as movement, I have an aerial yoga set up (one of my favorite activities) and I practice subtle restorative yoga. I have a number of physical disabilities that are often accompanied with knee and back pain. I manage them through yoga and exercise.

I also deal with hormonal issues. My weight tends to shift a lot with my hormones – basically I know when I’m irritable, anxious, emotionally unstable and my weight goes up, that something’s up

Which all just means I weigh myself regularly - it’s a part of my daily morning routine. Keeping track is a big part of managing my health.


So for me, BBalance seems promising, especially because of the added features.


The top 3 things that got me interested?

  1. Posture analysis feature with suggested exercises
  2. Shoe size, specifically for my 7-year-old :)
  3. Weight & body composition daily tracking


As a yoga practitioner, I often know what works for my body, but on days that I am lost for a little bit, I like the idea of having another way to focus on myself

Plus, since my health isn’t always the best, I am hoping that getting feedback on specific regular exercises to help relax and strengthen my back muscles will help improve my posture.

If I can manage my pain better, I think that will allow me to be more active - more than I am right now, which is the ultimate goal.


I also think that the body composition feature is the most accurate way to measure our physical health versus just having just a number on the scale– so I’m excited about that, too!”


What other features could make BBalance more helpful?

Swick had some great suggestions there as well.

“For general use, integrating more personal components would definitely be helpful. For example, a person’s preferred intensity of exercise and time availability. Suggesting exercises based on incorporating more about the individual could really enhance the user experience.

And you know what else could be really cool? I’d love to see BBalance used in clinical trials–could BBalance be integrated for people with muscular dystrophy, multiple sclerosis and hip dysplasia? The possibilities are endless!”

The good news is–this is already the case, we’re working on a BBalance Medical stream to offer a proper follow-up linked to specific use cases