BBalance Smart Bath Mat, CES 2022 Innovation Awards Honoree

BBalance Smart Bath Mat, CES 2022 Innovation Awards Honoree

BBalance is :

  • The 1st matscale that helps you find your true balance.
  • Tracking 3 health indexes (Weight, Body Composition, Posture)

BBalance is the world's first smart bath mat with footprint recognition that combines three key health measurements into one; BBalance is a weight scale, balance and stability reader, and posture evaluator.

A CES 2022 Innovation Award Honoree for being the first connected product to merge more than two health risk and wellness factors and coach you to make improvements to a daily self-care home routine.

The artificial intelligence (AI) brains and pressure-mapping technologies are hidden beneath a removable, washable, soft, cotton bath mat that allows BBalance to blend naturally into any room decor as it automatically collects your data. Like other plush bath mats with anti-slip backing, BBalance protects you from slipping, and keeps your feet warm. But unlike any other bath mat, BBalance automatically stores your weight, posture and balance measurements so you can view progress any time via the BBalance app, available through the Apple Store and Google Play. Use the app for access to daily coaching to achieve your personal best (e.g. for yoga, Pilates and overall fitness enthusiasts.)

The smart operating system inside BBalance has capabilities to:

→ Help people stay motivated through actionable insights about weight and fitness goals.
→ Coach individuals about mindfulness for improved posture, balance and muscle tone.
→ Reduce anxiety in people who get stressed about normal daily weight fluctuations.
→ Differentiate multiple family members – from preschoolers to grandparents. Footprint recognition sensors identify each user while artificial intelligence personalizes the experience to meet the goals of each member of a household.
→ Monitor effectiveness and compliance of post-treatment medical recommendations for conditions such as scoliosis. (Collaborative research is currently underway.)
→ Evaluate rehabilitation to improve balance, minimize injury and risk of falling.
→ Adapt to a user's position patterns (e.g. while stepping out of the shower, brushing teeth, drying hair) ensuring that measured weight doesn’t vary based on user movements.
→ Send notification (opt in) to a parent or medical provider regarding development (weight, posture, foot size, spinal alignment) and progress.

"Our mission is to simultaneously fulfill the needs of users and their medical providers, which is why we've collaborated with medical and biomechanical professionals to conduct research and studies. Several hospitals are currently beta-testing BBalance prototypes, constantly collecting data verified by a team of doctors to reinforce the accuracy of our algorithms," says Jean-Marc Druesne, CEO of BBalance.

BBalance requires minimal maintenance. It's water-resistant, connects via BLE and Wi-Fi with 8-month battery life before a charge is required. (USB charging built-in.) BBalance includes a high-quality, removable, machine-washable cotton cover in a range of designer colors. Anticipated retail availability is Spring 2022.